Powered by ice

Ice Bear charges by making ice during off-peak hours and discharges by using the stored ice to cool buildings during peak hours. Our smart Ice Bear battery reduces peak cooling electricity by 95% for up to 8 hours a day, every day.

How it works

The Ice Bear is a smart, distributed thermal battery that seamlessly integrates with a building’s cooling system and answers the needs of commercial, industrial and residential customers. Ice Bear 40, our commercial Ice Bear battery, attaches to 4-20 ton commercial AC units while Ice Bear 20, our home battery, integrates with ductwork or ductless mini-split systems inside new or existing homes.

Ice Bear 40 – Designed for commercial and industrial applications

  1. Ice Bear Battery       
    Using a system of copper coils to pump cold refrigerant through 450 gallons of regular tap water, Ice Bear makes ice when desired, typically during low-cost, off-peak hours.
  2. Monitoring and Controls      
    Ice Bear’s smart-grid technology seamlessly monitors and controls the cooling process, shifting 95% of the electricity used for cooling from peak to off-peak hours.
  3. Ice Bear Cooling System      
    When dispatched to provide cooling, Ice Bear turns off the AC compressor and uses the stored ice to cool the building for up to 8 hours — consuming only 5% of the electricity usually required.
  4. Traditional AC System      
    Ice Bear connects directly to 4-20 ton rooftop air conditioning units to provide up to 8 hours of energy-efficient cooling during peak-hours.
  5. Air Distribution      
    Ice Bear uses the existing ducting to distribute the cooled air.

Ice Bear 20 – Designed for residential applications      

Ice Bear 20 connects to a ductless mini-split system inside the home
Ice Bear 20 connects to the ducting inside the home

Ice Bear 20 combines Ice Energy’s patented thermal storage technology with integrated cooling to shift your electricity usage away from high Time of Use (TOU) rate periods. When dispatched to provide cooling, it turns its compressor off and uses the stored ice, frozen during off-hour electricity rates, to cool your home for up to 8 hours — consuming only 5% of the electricity usually required.      

The Ice Bear is an ingeniously simple "thermal battery" which can freeze ice during lower cost, off-hour electricity rates to provide cooling to your AC unit when peak electricity rates and demand charges are highest.